Mold Remediation
Novos is alone in our field when it comes to effective mold removal. No other company brings our level of dedication or expertise to removing mold from your property. Click for more information on Mold Remediation.

Water Damage Cleanup
From water damage to extensive fire damage, Novos Remediation is here to return your home to original condition – without threat of future toxic mold growth. Click for more information on Water Damage Cleanup.

Crawlspace Restoration
Standing water in a crawlspace can weaken the structural integrity of your home and the mold produced can contaminate the air quality of your home. Find out how to restore and encapsulate your crawlspace. Click for more information on Crawlspace Restoration.

Water Fire Mold Cleanup & Removal

Novos provides a wide-range of cleanup and remediation services in the West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky region. With a professional team of remediation specialists, Novos is equipped to remedy any water or mold damage at your home or office.

Take a few minutes to explore the services that we provide, such as water cleanup or effective mold remediation.

At Novos, we understand that most homeowners don’t have much experience with the causes of mold, or the health effects that can result. This is why we have created pages of information regarding mold to better educate people who are unfamiliar with mold issues.
Understanding Mold – Mold Sickness