Commercial Services

Novos provides commercial services for any size of business.
If you’re in need of water cleanup or mold remediation in an office building or warehouse, Novos has the knowledge and experience to handle your issues.

Commercial Water Cleanup

Accidents can happen, but smart business owners know that taking decisive action is crucial to getting your business back up and running. So when your property faces damage from flooding or water entry, know that Novos is just a phone call away.Man Standing on Ladder Removing Insulation

With extensive experience in residential and commercial cleanup, Novos is the professional remediation solution for the region’s business professionals.

Each Novos remediation uses these steps as a basis for effective cleanup:

• Removal of existing water and moisture.
• Preservation of existing possessions and property.
• Advanced moisture measurements of walls, floors.
• Dehumidification and drying of damaged areas.
• Mold control through chemical treatment.