Crawlspace Restoration

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At Novos, we specialize in crawlspace restoration and encapsulation. Whether your crawlspace is filled with standing water, or there is just enough moisture to allow mold to grow, Novos will undertake a complete crawlspace restoration to protect your family and the integrity of your home.

Depending on the amount of of water present in your crawlspace, extra steps will be taken to remove the standing water; then a thorough heat treatment will be used to reduce moisture levels below what’s required for mold grow.

With every crawlspace restoration that we perform, Novos follows this standard plan for proper encapsulation:

• Removal of all existing contaminated insulation and the existing plastic vapor barrier (if one is present).
• A thorough chemical treatment to dissolve existing mold – followed by an application of a mold-resistant sealant.
• Installation of new ceiling insulation and low-permanence plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier.
• Seal off any vents that allow airflow from the outside into the crawlspace. This prevents humidity changes within the crawlspace.
• Installation of commercial dehumidifiers to keep the relative humidity in the crawlspace below levels conducive to mold growth.
• If necessary, installation of a sump pump to remove any new water that enters the crawlspace – provided water entry through the foundation cannot be stopped.