White Painted Corner of Room with Light socket, covered in mold

Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold remediation should only be handled by certified professionals that have the equipment and knowledge to effectively kill and remove mold. Unknown to many, mold spores can be just as toxic “dead” as they are when alive. A proper certified inspection is the only way to identify the threat level.

Many mold remediation and removal companies will simply spray surfaces with chemicals but don’t remove the spores. This will never resolve the mold contamination.

Some people have said it’s cheaper and easier to just remediate your house yourself. Household cleaners and bleach are not designed to effectively kill mold. Using bleach on surfaces like drywall or wood sometimes accelerates the growth of mold.

An Effective Plan

Proper mold remediation and removal addresses the root cause of mold contamination. Painting over mold, or spraying it with bleach will only slow down the growth of mold.Mold Removal Specialist in White Hazmat Suit

Novos certified mold remediation:
• Mold and air quality testing to determine extent of mold growth and the species present.
• If necessary, minimally invasive tear-out of contaminated materials and areas.
• Containment of affected areas to prevent spread of mold spores during remediation.
• De-contamination of HVAC system if necessary.
• Thorough cleanup and remediation of mold affected areas.
• Proper removal of contaminated materials.
• Post-remediation testing to guarantee safe mold levels.

Mold Remediation Myths

There’s a large amount of information regarding mold remediation and removal on the internet – some of it is well-researched and proven, some of it is conjecture and myth. Here’s a few of the major myths of mold and remediation that we feel important to address:
Mold can’t grow after remediation: Mold grows as a result of moisture; any new water entry will result in new mold growth, even in previously remediated areas.
Moisture in the crawlspace is normal: Constant moisture in a crawlspace will lead to mold; it will flourish in the floor joists and grow upwards into the floorboards, walls and carpet. If the influx of moisture or water can’t be stopped, it may be necessary to install de-humidifiers to pull the moisture out of the air.
Mold remediation removes 100% of mold spores: It’s impossible to kill and remove all mold spores. The goal of remediation is to drastically lower the concentration of spores so as to avoid the health effects that high levels can cause. Mold exists everywhere – inside and out – you’ll always be subjected to naturally occurring mold. The goal is to drastically limit the indoor levels.