Water Damage Cleanup


When flooding or water damage occurs, rapid cleanup is crucial to minimize damage to the property and possessions.
In addition to flooding, these are some common water entry occurrences:

• Ruptured pipes
• Overflowing bathtubs and sinks
• Faulty water heaters
• Poorly sealed windows
• Foundation cracks
• Standing water after a fire

As a property owner, an immediate response time is crucial. Delaying cleanup and remediation can be very costly.

Additionally, delaying cleanup efforts allows for the rapid growth of mold. The Environmental Protection Agency states that mold can grow within 48 hours of water damage. While not all mold growth is toxic, all molds have the potential to cause significant structural damage. Toxic mold, however, can cause serious health risks to inhabitants.

Effective Water Damage CleanupWater Damage Clean Up - Beckley, WV

At Novos, we aren’t satisfied simply vacuuming up the visible water and making the customer feel that their home is good as new. We set ourselves apart from the competition by conducting every water cleanup with the intent to prevent future mold growth.

No two properties are alike. No two remediations are the same, either. We don’t think that “vacuum and forget” is an acceptable cleanup philosophy. Novos uses the latest technology and expert training to clean up existing water, and prevent the growth of mold.

Structural Drying

It’s important to understand structural drying in regards to effective water damage cleanup. Structural drying involves following IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) specifications based on the category and class of water damage present.

Understanding Categories of Water Damage
Category 1: Water saturation from a clean water source. For example, an overflowing bathtub or sink. This type of water damage can easily be dried without much risk of mold growth.
Category 2: Typically called a “gray water” situation. Water containing a moderate level of contaminates, such as overflow from a drain, dishwasher or toilet. Gray water could cause illness is ingested.Water Damage Restoration - Beckley, WV
Category 3: “Black water” is usually the result of sewer backup, toilet overflow (including feces) and any standing water filled with bacteria. Category 3 is completely unsanitary and presents major health risks.

Classes of Water Damage
Class 1: minimal moisture in a smaller affected area. Also characterized by a slow evaporation rate.
Class 2: a larger affected area, with significant saturation of the carpeting and wetness creeping up 12″ up the walls. A fast rate of evaporation.
Class 3: characterized as the fastest evaporation rate. Saturation in carpet and subfloors, as well as ceilings, walls and insulation.
Class 4: highest level of saturation and enough time has passed that high levels of water have already dried.

Once the category of water and class of water damage has been determined, IICRC S-500 standards will be applied for an effective remediation process.

A Scientific Process

Each Novos remediation uses these steps as a basis for effective cleanup:

• Removal of existing water and moisture.
• Preservation of existing possessions and property.
• Advanced moisture measurements of walls, floors.
• Dehumidification and drying of damaged areas.
• Mold control through chemical treatment.

Leave the guesswork to fly-by-night cleanup crews, Novos is committed to a principled and scientific method to effective water cleanup.

Across the Region

Novos is committed to highest quality of service throughout the region. We service these cities and the surrounding areas:

Beckley, WV
Charleston, WV
Teays Valley, WV
Huntington, WV
Fairmont, WV
Bluefield, WV
Buckhannon, WV
Lewisburg, WV
Parkersburg, WV
Culloden, WV
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Morgantown, WV
Clarksburg, WV
Martinsburg, WV
Wheeling, WV
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Bluefield, VA
Pearisburg, VA
Blacksburg, VA
Wytheville, VA
Roanoke, VA
Portsmouth, OH
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Waverly, OH
Steubenville, OH
Ashland, KY
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Grayson, KY
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