Worried about toxic mold? We have plenty of information to help. Do you have mold and want it gone? We’re the mold removal experts.

Novos provides residential and commercial asbestos inspections and abatement services.

Water damage or flooding in your home? We’re here to help.

If you’re worried that your damp, dirty crawlspace is a breeding ground for mold, schedule a crawlspace consultation with today.

Whether your business is housed in a small office building or a multi-floor office complex – Novos can provide the service you need.

Worried about radon gas in your basement or crawlspace? Novos has the knowledge and expertise to test for radon and to mitigate it from your home.

Novos Remediation

Novos provides remediation and abatement services in West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Our team of remediation specialists is equipped to correct any issue in your home, office or property. Whether your problem is indoor mold, lead, asbestos or radon – Novos has the training, equipment and experience to make your problem a thing of the past.

“When one of my company’s locations flooded because of a burst pipe Novos got there within the hour. They restored the office successfully and you couldn’t even tell anything had happened despite over 100 gallons of water being drained. I’d recommend them in any situation, crisis or routine.”


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