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Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Your home’s air quality is an important factor to your health, with a dirty HVAC and duct system being a major cause of poor air quality. After years of use, a duct system slowly collects dust and dirt that gets recirculated throughout your home.

Newer energy efficient homes actually recirculate indoor air far more than older homes, meaning that the potential for poor air quality can be higher in a newer home. Fortunately, modern air filters do a great job of filtering out dust in your air ducts, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to change filters promptly and consistently. On top of that, air filters just aren’t able to filter out 100% of air particles.

How do you know if your ducts need cleaning?

Air duct cleaning should only be done if you’re certain that your system is excessively dirty, is contaminated with mold or you notice heavy dust inside of the air handler itself. Additionally, if someone in your home has developed new breathing issues or illnesses, you may want to consult with your doctor regarding your home’s air quality. A professional mold inspection or an HVAC consultation would help you to know if your HVAC system should be cleaned.


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The Novos Difference

Some companies offer “air duct cleaning” that is nothing more than stuffing a vacuum cleaner hose down a floor vent. Often, improper duct cleaning can actually lead to more issues than if the system had just been left alone. At Novos, we do things the right way.

HVAC Cleaning Process

  • Vents and registers
  • Register boots
  • All branch lines
  • Trunk line
  • Chemically treat duct system
  • Air handler interior

Proper cleaning of air ducts requires the entire system to be placed under negative pressure to remove dust particles as they’re agitated. Running vacuum hoses into a vent simply doesn’t create the suction needed. After the system has been properly sealed, each branch line and the main trunk line is agitated with high-speed brushes to stir up deposits of dust and dirt.

Additionally, we ensure that the interior of the air handler itself will be cleaned and chemically treated. Some companies neglect the air handler during the cleaning process. Novos, however, ensures that the entire system is cleaned and treated with disinfectant to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses (including H1N1), molds and mildew.

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