Commercial Mold Remediation

Whether causes by flooding or an extensive water leak, mold growth in an office building or warehouse should be a major concern for any business owner. Despite the obvious health risks to employees, mold growth can damage the structural integrity of any building.

Keep in mind that mold devours the substances it grows on, it’s very common for wood framing to succumb to dry rot because of mold. Prompt and effective remediation is required to stop the damage mold causes.

Proper mold remediation and removal addresses the root cause of mold contamination. Painting over mold, or spraying it with bleach will only slow down the growth of mold.Mold Removal Specialist wearing White Hazmat Suit

Novos certified mold remediation:
• Mold and air quality testing to determine extent of mold growth and the species present.
• If necessary, minimally invasive tear-out of contaminated materials and areas.
• Containment of affected areas to prevent spread of mold spores during remediation.
• De-contamination of HVAC system if necessary.
• Thorough cleanup and remediation of mold affected areas.
• Proper removal of contaminated materials.
• Post-remediation testing to guarantee safe mold levels.