Commercial Mold Remediation

People often think that a home is the only place a person should worry about mold contamination. After all, it’s your home, you spend most of your time there. But, if you work in an office building, chances are you’re spending a comparable amount of time at work than you are at home. So doesn’t it make sense that your workplace should be as mold-free as your home?

We certainly think so.

Workplace Air Quality

No one wants to live or work in a building suffering from poor air quality or mold contamination. That’s why Novos conducts professional mold remediation in commercial buildings, as well as in homes.

If you own an office building and your employees are complaining about poor air quality, breathing problems or respiratory issues – it’s time to schedule a certified mold inspection for your building. An inspection from Novos will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your business and your employees.

No Building is Too Big or Too Small

Whether your business is housed in a small office building or you have a multi-floor, 20,000+ sq ft office complex – Novos guarantees to remove all existing mold growth and improve your overall air quality.