Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold remediation should only be handled by certified professionals that have the equipment and knowledge to effectively remove mold. Unknown to many, mold spores can be just as toxic “dead’ as they are when alive. A certified mold inspection is the only way to determine the threat level of mold. After the inspection, a properly trained and certified remediation crew should be used to completely remove the mold growth.

Many mold remediation companies will simply spray indoor surfaces with chemicals and call it a job well done. But just spraying mold-killing chemicals isn’t enough. Especially for someone who may still suffer the health effects of dead mold spores that still remain in the home. Removing mold spores from the building is a necessity to a complete and effective remediation.

Some people have also said that it’s cheaper to just remediate your home by yourself. While small areas of mold growth can be removed by a homeowner, Novos is trained to find and remove mold growth that can easily be missed by the untrained eye. Even in the cases of mild and moderate mold growth, off-the-shelf mold chemicals or bleach are not sufficient to effectively kill and remove mold. Specifically in the case of bleach, using it to clean and remove mold can sometimes accelerate the growth of existing mold.

Mold Myths

There’s a large amount of information regarding mold on the internet. While some of it is well-researched and backed by science, other articles regarding mold are largely conjecture or myth. Here’s a few of the major myths about mold that are often noted online and in articles:

Mold can’t grow after remediation: Mold grows as a result of moisture; any new water entry can result in new mold growth, even in previously remediated areas. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of remediation.

Moisture in your crawlspace is normal: Constant moisture in a crawlspace or basement will lead to mold growth. In a damp, humid crawlspace, mold will grow and spread quickly. Extensive mold growth on the floor joists and subfloor weakens the structural integrity of your home. It also creates a breeding ground for mold spores to spread to the inhabited areas of your home.