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Mold Remediation and Removal

Removing indoor mold is a tricky business. Often, mold growth in homes is in places that are hard to see and harder to access. Basements, crawlspaces, inside walls, in the attic, inside the HVAC – all of these places are susceptible to mold growth. And keep in mind, if the area isn’t properly remediated, the mold will likely grow back.

That’s why the CDC suggests that any mold issue larger than a square foot or so should be removed by professionals who are certified in mold remediation. At Novos, we’ve spent a great deal of time learning the most effective way to remove mold.

Some mold remediation companies have adopted a “spray and pray” method to removing indoor mold. They think that spraying chemicals around is enough to remediate a home. It’s not. Mold spores sprayed with chemicals just become “dormant”, waiting for moisture and food to become active again. Because mold spores can be just as toxic while dormant, they have to be physically removed from the home. The “spray and pray” doesn’t do that.

Does my home need remediation?

If you suspect that your home has a mold issue, the first place to start is getting a certified mold inspection that can identify the problem areas, spore counts and types of mold. If the inspection uncovers a significant mold problem, it’s best to schedule a consultation for remediation. Especially if your family has been experiencing new respiratory or health issues.

The Novos Difference

Effective mold remediation isn’t guesswork, it’s a scientific process that requires training, knowledge and experience. Every Novos remediation starts with a plan that’s tailored specifically to each customer and their home. We eliminate the cause of the mold, remediate the home of existing mold and get you back to breathing easy.

Sometimes, correcting mold issues also requires tearing out contaminated sections, such as in a bathroom or existing drywall. Having your house torn apart is never fun, even if it’s to fix a bigger problem. That’s why we are committed to only ever tearing out as much as absolutely necessary.

Professional Equipment & Training
• MICRO & IAC2 certified remediators
• Commercial HEPA vacuums
• Heavy-duty HEPA air filtration units
• Commercial-grade fungicide & bactericide
• Application of mold sealants
• Use of polyethylene barriers


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We contacted Roland about possible moisture/mold issues in our home. He promptly arranged to inspect and found some serious issues that needed to be addressed and corrected. Novos is the best company we have ever worked with. Prompt, professional, trustworthy and great at communication. All issues were documented by photograph and sent to us, together with progress photos and detailed plans to fix any further issues. Not only did they correct the moisture and mold issues, but they also corrected structural and foundation issues to ensure our home is safe from mold and moisture in the future. We got our home back thanks to this company. I highly recommend InspectRite and Novos.



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